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auto accident

Lost Wages and Medical Bills

If you are injured in car accident, the process of recovering your medical bills and lost wages from an insurance company can be difficult and confusing.  Insurance companies may tell you not to worry -– just send them your medical bills.  Most folks assume that the insurance company will begin paying these bills, right?

Not so.  In our experience, the defendant’s insurance company will never actually pay your lost wages and medical bills until you are willing to settle the entire case and sign a release of liability.  But once you sign a release, your case is over.  You should never sign a release until you have completed medical treatment and consulted with an attorney.

Other Damages

Additionally, you may be entitled to benefits for pain and suffering, future medical care, future lost wages, or permanent injury.  Especially in serious accident cases, it is important that you do not settle until you have consulted with a doctor and understand the full extent of your injuries.  A lawyer can help you with this process, and make sure that your rights are protected.

Free Consultation

An initial consultation is free, and there are no attorney’s fees unless we recover benefits for you.  You have nothing to lose by seeking the advice of a professional.  Please call our office at 731-695-1082.

A Lawyer Can Help

The laws regarding automobile accident cases can be confusing, and a lawyer can help.  Mr. Petrinjak has experience handling automobile accident cases.  Our firm will handle the paperwork, investigate the accident, obtain the medical bills and records, and deal with the insurance adjusters.  Most cases can be settled out of court, but we will be prepared to take your case to trial, if necessary.

Deadline for Filing Suit

Under Tennessee law, you have only one year following an automobile accident to file a lawsuit.  It is important to talk to a lawyer early in the process.  Don’t wait until the year is almost up to contact a lawyer.  It may be too late to gather the necessary evidence and prepare a lawsuit before the deadline.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If the driver who caused the accident has no insurance, your own insurance policy may provide uninsured motorist benefits, but you are required to notify your insurance company if you are seeking these benefits.  Each policy is different, so you need to understand what your policy provides.  Call a lawyer and make sure you don’t miss out on the benefits you deserve.